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Purple sandals

July 25, 2018

For the first time ever I have been very much into purple and lilac tones. I never even owned anything close to purple before in my life and somehow now…

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Red pants

July 18, 2018

Not every day I wear pants that are not jeans, let alone in a bold color, but these are so fun! I particularly love that they are a little cropped,…

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Mint green & pink

July 12, 2018

Photos for today’s post were taken some time ago right after I got these Zara beaded earrings – I just couldn’t wait to wear them immediately! I particularly love that…

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July 6, 2018

Yes! This pink visor is my craziest accessory to date, but makes such an impact, no? It is now on sale for $5 so I thought, eh why not?  Even…

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Marble accents

July 3, 2018

Anyone else a fan of marble accents? Not just in jewelry but also in little knick knacks you can decor your home with? Check out this cute marble planter! It would…

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‘How to be an icon’ T-shirt

June 28, 2018

Naturally I love the red on this t-shirt and the cool slogan but also how great is the red trim around the neck? It’s those little things that some may…

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Yellow sweater + a pink skirt

June 26, 2018

Yellow again, because by now you probably know how much I love yellow! Granted, mustard yellow is my fave and this one here is a much different shade, but it…

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